Veve of Erzulie Dantor (Version 2) - romance, passion and protector orf children.


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Approx 8" wide x 10" high Veve of Erzulie Dantor (Version 2) - romance, passion and protector of children. Designed by Satuit Trading and handmade by our artists in Haiti, based on traditional veves. Copyright Satuit Trading Company@ Each is handmade and may vary slightly form the photo.

Ezulie Dantor: The goddess of jealousy, romance and passion. Despite her wild nature, she is seen as very maternal; Erzulie Dantor is the protector of children and women who have been abused or betrayed by a lover. Erzulie Dantor is fiercely very independent and vengeful. Erzulie Dantor is considered to be an extremely tough lady who is often wild, over bearing, aggressive, and very
difficult to deal with. Due to her woman power, Erzulie Dantor is highly feared and respected. 

Veves of Loa (Symbol of the Spirit).

In Vodoun (Voodoo) practice, Veves are intricate symbols of the Loas (gods/spirits), and are used in rituals. They are similar to the sigils used in ritual magic. Each Loa has his or her own complex veve, which is traced on the ground with powdered eggshell or a similar substance prior to a ritual. The ability to draw a Veve correctly is considered to be a particular skill of the initiate. 

Haitian Oil Drum Art

Steel oil drum art from Haiti can be beautiful, whimsical, religious and highly decorative. It's made of recycled material. The Haitian artist begins with a 55 gallon steel oil barrel which they split open and flatten out as a large a sheet of canvas. The artist first sketches out the design with chalk then cuts the steel using only a hammer and a nail. The round sculptures are made from the lid or bottom of a 55 gallon barrel. Each sculpture is signed by the artist. These sculptures are great indoor or out. When used outdoors the finish will begin to rust slowly and naturally. If you want to maintain the original look spray the piece with clear varnish.