Amazonian Poison Dart Frog Embroidered and Beaded Brooch Pin, Handmade in India by Trovelore

India & Asia

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This brooch is handmade and embroidered with beads, sequins and thread. These brooches are make-to-order in small batches by the artisan group Trovelore, in India. The are truly mini-sculptures and are placed in a custom box with information about the product and the artisan.

• Size: approx. 2" Wide x 2" High
• Material: Cotton, Felt, Metal, Sequins & Beads
• Variation: Slight Variations, Nature of Handmade Craft
• Artist Group: Trovelore
• Origin: India
• Packaging: Custom Trovelore Box

Amazonian Poison Dart Frog
The poison dart frogs, found in the Amazonian rain forests display a wide array of eye capturing colours. The natives that inhabit the rainforests use them during hunting, by rubbing the tip of a dart on the frogs back to poison the dart. The brighter the colour of the frog, the more deadly it’s poison.