Archangel Saint Uriel - Patron of the Arts

South America

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• Saint: Archangel St. Uriel
• Size: Painting Roughly 4" Wide x 6" High, Frame 5 3/8"x 7 3/8" Tall, 
• Origin: Cuzco, Peru
• Material: Oil Paint On Linen
• Frame: Easel Back or Hang, Thin Wood Frame with Matte Gold 
Finish, No Glass

Archangel Saint Uriel
The archangel of justice, fire of God: Saint Uriel carries in one hand the scales by which we are going to be weigh of our actions, and in the other hand he has the sword of fire

Cusco School of Painting
Peruvian icon painting has its' origins in the colonial era. The Spanish sent a group of religious artists to Cusco. These Spanish painters taught their techniques of the drawing and oil painting style from Spain. This artistic tradition became know as "The Cusco School of Pinting"in the 17th and 18th centuries. It is considered the first artistic center to teach European techniques in the Americas. These paintings are characterized by their use of exclusively religious subjects, their lack of perspective, and the predominance of red, yellow, and earth colors. They also used a lot of gold, especially with images of the Virgin Mary. The Cusqueño painters studied Byzantine, Flemish, Andorran and Italian Renaissance art, but their works were freer, using bright colors, distorted and dramatic images, and their native flora and fauna.