Black & Silver Filigree & Textile Pendant


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• Size: 1" x 1" pendant on adjustable black silk cord
• Materials: fine Sardinian fabric, sterling silver filigree
• Artist: Andrea & Ansula Usai, KOKKU
• Origin: Sardinia, Italy
• Variations: some variations inherent to this handmade nature


Take a close look at Sardinian jewelry through the ages and it will tell you a story that dates back almost 4000 years. Besides the breathtaking natural beauty that makes it well known over the world, Sardinia is a land rich in history, mythology and legendary folk tales. Its numerous mythic folklore tells of an ancient world filled with fantasy, magic, and the spirit of all living things. Remnants of this fabled mystique can be found in present day Sardinian life; a life original, spontaneous and closely tied to its most ancient traditions.

Sardinian jewelry is closely linked to the traditional beliefs of the land. Archaeological evidence of a prehistoric human settlement in Sardinia can be evidenced from remains of ornaments and jewels from the Stone Age are testimonials of the rich history of Sardinian jewelry. Originally, the jewelry was more used as amulets and talismans to protect against the negative forces than to enrich the look. One of the amulets most used in Sardinian traditions is the "kokku" which is traditionally made of silver, obsidian or onyx and coral.