Day of the Dead Jewelry

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earmres.jpgDias de los Muertos / Day of the Dead is an holiday celebrated in central and southern Mexico November 1 & 2. The indigenous people of Mexico have combined their own ancient beliefs of honoring their deceased loved ones with Catholic holiday called All Soul's & All Saint’s Day. These two days in November are used to honor the dead with many different traditions. Dias de los Muertos, and similar celebrations, are very popular and have spread from Latin American cultures to popular culture is the USA and around the world.

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Catrina Profile Beaded Bracelet

This awesome beaded skull bracelet is comfy and flexible. It fits all types of wrists sizes. Beaded all the way around, backed but soft black vinyl There are three styles: 1- Half Sugar Skull and Completely Colored Background with Red, Blue, and...
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Felt Sugar Skull Earrings - Red

Felt Sugar Skull Earrings - Red

These whimsical felt, embroidered and beaded earrings are great to wear for Day of the Dead, Halloween, or any time of the year. They have embroidered and bead details with felt flower shaped eyes with edge trim of long beads. We love the...
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