Fisherman's Knot Necklace - Sterling Silver


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Reminder of Strength
The Fisherman's Knot can serve as a symbol of the true love you share with another, or of the way you have conquered difficult situations in your life, emerging stronger on the other side. 

Sailors, when out to sea, would take two ropes, and would tie them together with overhand knots. It would be left loose and send then be sent home to his true love. If she felt the same about him, she would tighten the knot into an unbreakable bond, and keep it in anticipation of his return. Face Height: 0.43 inch (11 mm) 

• Material: Sterling Silver
• Weight: 4.3 Grams
• Size: .79" wide  x .6" high (20mm x 15mm)
• Origin: Ireland
• Marking: Celtic Ireland, Dublin Castle Assay Mark  
• Packaged: Story Card and Jewelry Box