Killamery High Cross - County Killamery


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• Design: Killamery High Cross - County Killamery
• Origin: Galway, Ireland
• Material: Hand Cast White Bronze, Chains Plated Silver No Nickel
• Size: Pendant Approx 3/4"wide x 1 1/8" High, Chain Length 17"
• Packaging: Gift Box and Story Card

Origin of Designs & Symbols
This cross center section knot work that turns into two dragons, another set of dragons ends in a spiral. Knotwork is a symbol of continuity, eternal life and expresses the interconnectedness of all things. Dragons were thought to have the knowledge of the world, protected the earth and all its' inhabitants, can also be seen as snakes. The Celts believed snakes to have great healing power, and were symbols of rebirth: usually shown in pairs symbolizing opposing forces: Life and death, Good and Evil, Light and Darkness. The spiral symbolizes continuous creation and spritiual.