Knowth Symbol of Bó Necklace - Boyne Valley, County Meath


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• Design: Knowth Symbol of Bó, Boyne Valley, County Meath
• Origin: Galway, Ireland
• Material: Hand Cast White Bronze, Chains Plated Silver No Nickel
• Size: Pendant at widest approx 1 1/16 Round Diameter, Chain Length 18"

Origin of Designs & Symbols
There are a total of 127 kerbstones surrounding the great mound at Knowth. Most of these kerbstones are decorated in some way, and supporting the suspected lunar alignment of the passages . These kerbstones are thought to bear lunar symbols or lunar calculations. Passage Mound of Knowth depict motions of the Sun/Moon and other heavenly bodies. The ancient name for Knowth is Cnoba, the mound of the Goddess Bó, to whom the Boyne Valley is dedicated.