Newgrange Roof Box Earrings, Made in Galway

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• Origin: Galway, Ireland
• Material: Hand Cast White Bronze, Chains Plated Silver No Nickel
• Size: Not including French Wire at widest approx 1/4 "wide x 1 1/2" high, with wire approx. 1 7/8" drop from ear
• Packaged: Story Card and Jewelry Gift Box Included

Origin of Designs & Symbols
Ireland has the largest concentration of megalithic art in Europe, particularly in the Boyne Valley, dating from the Neolithic or late stone age. In this Megalithic Era, monuments such as newgrange and others were constructed across Irland. The mounds were known as the Bru, the house of the Tuathade Dannan, the Mystical Spirit People or Sidhe. This art form appears to be entirely abstract and is perhaps the most famous with it's well know multiple spirals.

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