Set of Six Different Coasters - Dias de los Muertos

Satuit Trading Company

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• Six Different Designs
• Pressed Board 34pt Card Stock
• Illustrations by Jose Posada and Designed by Marie Flaherty for Satuit Trading Co. 

Dias de los Muertos / or Day of the Dead -  In recent years, Day of the Dead, the art and cultural phenomena, has gained recognition on this side of the border. Traditionally celebrated on November 1 & 2, All Saints and All Souls Days in the Gregorian calendar, this Mexican holiday was born of rich pre-Hispanic cosmology, blended with Catholic theology and Medieval ritual. Much of the popular art of the season derives its origins as offerings and enticements placed on the altars and graves to lure the departed back to Earth for a short visit and fiesta. Posada José

Guadalupe Posada was a Mexican political printmaker and engraver whose work has influenced many Latin American artists and cartoonists because of its satirical acuteness and social engagement. He used skulls, calaveras, and skeletons to make political and cultural critiques.