Stamped Sterling and Turquoise Cuff by Alvin Todacheene

Native American
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• Design Size: 1/4 Wide, Turquoise approx. 3/8" wide x 1/4' wide
• Measurements for Wrist: Refer to Bracelet Measurement Guide - Interior Side Width 2 3/8", Interior Height 1 3/4", Gap Width 1 1/8"
• Materials: Turquoise and Sterling Silver
• Markings: Alvin Todacheene, Sterling, Navajo Handmade
• Flexibility: Can Be Opened or Tightened Slightly To Adjust (please measure wrist carefully, repeated opening and squeezing bracelet will lead to metal fatigue and will eventually break)
• Artist: Alvin Todacheene, Navajo





Free Shipping:
On All Orders Totaling $100. or More