Tuareg Fancy Chat Chat Necklace -2


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• Length of Necklace: 20" long
• Size of Pendants: center 2 " wide x 1 /12" heigh, smaller 1 1/4' wide x 1" high, accents 3/16" wide x 1" high
• Materials: 99% fine silver, onyx, handmade and hand-etched
• Variation: each necklace will have similar designs but they will vary in etching designs making each piece one-of-kind
• You will receive this exact piece

Tuareg Tribe - Traditionally this semi-nomadic tribe, some call the Tuareg "Blue People" due to the indigo dye used to dye men's deep blue tagelmusts (Turbans). Most of the Tuareg live in the Saharan and Sahelian regions—southern Algeria, western Libya, eastern Mali, northern Niger, and northeastern Burkina Faso.