Turoe Stone Triangle - Ballaun, County Galway


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• Design:Turoe Stone Triangle from Ballaun, County Galway
• Origin: Galway, Ireland
• Material: Hand Cast White Bronze, Chains Plated Silver No Nickel
• Size: Pendant at widest approx 5/8" wide x 1" high, Chain Length 18"
• Packaging: Gift Box and Story Card

Origin of Designs & Symbols
The Turoe stone is a granite stone decorated in a Celtic style located in the village of Bullaun, County Galway., Ireland. It probably dates to about the period  100 BC to 100 AD. One of the most famous carved stones in Ireland. One of two stones found in Galway that have bee carved in the intricate style of Celtic Art, known as the La Téne. The other stone is in the same area domed and completely covered with unique and mysterious carvings.