Wooden Hanuman Ornament from Varanasi, India

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• Material: Wood, Metal Hook, Paint
• Size:  figure approx. 3" at the widest x 3" high x 5 1/2" deep from tip to the tip of the toes, metal hook approx 2" long
• Origin: Varanasi, India
• Hindu: Hanuman carrying the entire mountain of mahudaya. Hanuman - "The Monkey God" - The monkey god Hanuman is one of the most widely worshipped gods in all of India. The reason for Hanuman's popularity is because he helped command an army of monkeys that helped the god Ramama defeat the demon king Ravana. Due to Hanuman's popularity and stature because of his devoted loyalty to Rama monkeys are rarely harmed in India. Hanuman does not have a vahana (vehicle).
Wooden Cravings of Varanasi from india Wooden carvings & toy-making is a traditional craft in the Varanasi district of Uttar Pradesh, India. Bright and colorful lacquered toys are made by clusters of skilled craftsmen. Wooden logs, predominantly eucalyptus, are sourced from nearby areas. Each piece of wood is heated slowly, a time-consuming process, to remove all the moisture from the wood and then sanded. The wood is either hand-carved or shaped using lathe and sculpted with chisel, hammer and file. They are then given several coats of paint, and finished with a clear or colored lacquer. The people of Varanasi celebrate all religions and their festivals. Also, the craft which was once only confined to Hindu myths and traditions has widely opened its arms to embrace other cultures, their myths and traditions in the form of the wooden toys and carvings.