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Sadza Batiks are made with a porridge-like paste of maize or wheat-meal. The paste is used instead of batik wax as the resist.  The designs and patterns are painted onto the cotton. After the porridge dries and cracks, paint is applied to the fabric and over the dried porridge.  After the fabric is heated several times to stay the paint colors it is washed and the porridge is removed. The resulting crackle pattern is revealed.

Founded by Zimbabwean-born artist, Jeremiah Makaza, this family of artisans has grown into a leading international exporter of Zimbabwean-made Sadza Batiks. Set in the heart of Tynwald Industrial Park in Harare, Zimbabwe, Jeremiah textile company is comprised of a dedicated team of artisans. Tonga Textiles employs both men and women in the community.


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