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Making Box Tops

Making Box Tops

When (and while) I opened Native in 2005, I was a full time freelance graphic designer. I wanted customize boxes in many different colors but its was cost prohibitive. Native was just starting out it it was so costly, so I went old school, printed out sheets and starting hand wrapping each box. Native is 17 years old now and I still hand wrap each and every box. Although I could probably afford…
​Prosperity Hens from India

​Prosperity Hens from India

In India, hens are a traditional symbol of prosperity and good luck for centuries. They are often given as gifts at celebrations to encourage success and good fortune. Hence, strands of handmade fabric hens, aptly named "Prosperity Hens", and are believed to bring prosperity, abundance and good luck when hung in a doorway or window. The strands of are made of colorful stylized hens that are s…