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Stones, Gems, Crystals & Folklore

Stones, Gems, Crystals & Folklore

This information has been distilled and simplified from writings, books, and folklore. Amber - memory loss, purify the body, alleviate headaches, bones, heart problems, calming, good luck, happiness Agate - one of the oldest stones in recorded history, protection: variations below... •  Blue - perceptiveness, calms, awareness, clears the mind, enhances spiritual inspiration, elim…
Making Box Tops

Making Box Tops

When (and while) I opened Native in 2005, I was a full time freelance graphic designer. I wanted customize boxes in many different colors but its was cost prohibitive. Native was just starting out it it was so costly, so I went old school, printed out sheets and starting hand wrapping each box. Native is 17 years old now and I still hand wrap each and every box. Although I could probably afford…