Beaded Artifacts, Animals & Dolls

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Beaded Artifacts, Animals & Dolls
The history of beadwork spans at least 5000 years. Bead making and bead embroidery has been practiced long before the last major ice age, with beads fashioned from seashells, seeds, broken eggshells – any colorful discard of nature. Since the first person strung the first bead, almost every culture has prized beadwork.

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South Africa Beaded Animal

Beaded Yellow Deer by MonkeyBiz

• Size: Approx 12" high, 10.5" x 3" deep• Colors: Yellow, Green, Brown• Materials: Beads, Rubber & Metal Stuffing• Origin: MonkeyBiz, Cape Town, South Africa This whimsical beaded Elephant is made by women of MonkeyBiz...
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Ndebele Doll from South Africa

Ndebele Initiation Doll

• Size: approx 11" tall, 4.5" wide at extended arms, and 4 " deep• Material: fabric, glass beads, stuffing unknown, wire• Origin: South Africa This Ndebele doll is in the traditional dress of a married woman. The style of...
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