Pueblo Pottery

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Pueblo Pottery
Native American Pueblo Pottery is completely and entirely handmade. This handmade process includes choosing and sifting the clay, production of the natural dyes and creation of the yucca brushes as well as making the slip to finish the Pueblo pottery. Pueblo Indian Pottery makers use clay that they collect themselves and the clay is usually collected from sacred tribal land. The method used is the coiled handbuilt. The coils of clay are laid ontop of each other in a circluar fashion. After the rough structure is built the pot is then scrapped and smoothered by hand eliminated the sight of the coils. Then the pots are burnished,smoothed and painted. Native does not purchase the commerical poured or molded pottery. All pottery shown is using the traditional handbuilt coiled method.

Quick View Native American Melon Olla by Maxine Yepa

Melon Olla by Maxine Yepa

This pot is hand built using the coil method, no wheel or mold used. Hand polish, no glaze.Pueblo Pottery is for the collector and is not meant for daily use, do not clean, wash or use, dust only. • Approx. 3.5" Diameter x 3.5" Tall •...
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