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Milagros, or tiny miracles, are small religious charms that have been used in Mexico and other areas of Latin America for hundreds of years to petition saints for guidance, help and protection. They are also used in Europe, where they are often referred to as Exvotos (Offerings). 

Milagros can represent specific objects, people, body parts, animals. Milagros derive their meanings in several ways. They each have a literal and a symbolic meaning. For instance, an eye milagro might mean protection and health of the eyes or to grant insight and focus. Milagros also gain meaning through the users intentions. Your thoughts, your hopes and desires attach themselves to the milagro, making it a tool for your intention to be carried in.

These charms are used many ways. They are pinned to altars and statues of saints, or carried in order to cure a physical ailment, ward off evil, or bring about a change of fortune. Milagro are used outside of the traditional religious realm in art, jewelry, craft projects and healing treatments.

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