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South American Folk Art
The traditional art of South America is as varied as it is rich. From arts as ancient as pottery and textile weaving to colonial traditions of paintings and wood carvings, retablos and more. The art expresses the history and culture of the people and region. Native travels and imports from Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Columbia and hope to add more in the future.

Quick View South America Tall Chancay Doll, Vintage from  Peru

Tall Chancay Doll, Vintage from Peru

Indigenous Peruvian artisans create these dolls to emulate the dolls of the Chancay people, whose culture flourished in the arid coastal valley of Peru during 1000-1460 CE. The artisans incorporate remnants of new and ancient textile fragments recovered...
Quick View South America Llama Shearing Retablo from Peru

Llama Shearing Retablo from Peru

This retablo depicts the traditional wool shearing of llamas. • Size: approx. closed 6" wide (open x 12 1/4") x 8" at the peak x 2 3/8" deep• Materials: plaster, cooked potato starch, wood, paint• Origin: Handmade in Peru•...
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