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All of our jewelry is both fair-trade and handmade. From simple recycled rubber to turquoise to fine silver, we offer a wide variety of the world's most unique jewelry.

Quick View Native American Vintage Navajo Shadowbox Cuff

Vintage Navajo Shadowbox Cuff

• Design Size: Center width with the 5 Stone is 1 5/8" wide• Measurements for Smaller Wrist: Refer to Bracelet Measurement Guide - Round Interior Shape, Interior Side Width 2 1/8" at Widest, Interior Height 1 3/4", Gap Width 1 3/16", Interior...
Quick View Africa Tuareg Silver Chat Chat Necklace by Elhadji Koumama

Tuareg Fine Silver Chat Chat Necklace by Elhadji Koumama

Chat Chat NecklaceThis stunning Chat Chat Necklace is traditionally given to a Tuareg girl as a "first necklace" or as a bridal gift. Tuareg women will wear multiple chat chat necklaces at one time. Size: approx. 18" long, silver pieces approx. 3/4"...
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