Stones, Gems, Crystals & Folklore

This information has been distilled and simplified from writings, books, and folklore.

Amber - memory loss, purify the body, alleviate headaches, bones, heart problems, calming, good luck, happiness
Agate - one of the oldest stones in recorded history, protection: variations below...
•  Blue - perceptiveness, calms, awareness, clears the mind, enhances spiritual inspiration, eliminates negativity & anger
•  Crazy Lace - “Laughter Stone"
Dendrite - plenty, balances emotions
•  Eye - protection from the evil eye
•  Fire - increases sexual vitality, calming
•  Moss “Power Stone” - let go of anger, balance emotions
•  Snakeskin - powerful, find lost things
•  Tree - cleanses, balances, self-esteem, clarity, awakens inner talents & abilities
Amazonite “Hope Stone” - healer, balance, preventive & rejuvenating energy, eliminates aggravation, enhances love communication, lucky for hopes & dreams
Amber (Copal) - powerful, gentle healer cleanser, negative energy, physical self-healing, emotional healing of depression, and environmental clearing, opens & cleanses chakras
Amethyst “Stone of Change”- insomnia, arthritis, pain relief, circulatory issues, peace, sobrity, balance, courage, protection & enlightenment
Ametrine “Power Stone” - connect with higher self, open mind to new ideas
Angelite - increases telepathy, peace, brotherhood
Apatite “Healing Stone” - high level of spiritual guidance, opens throat chakra for increased communication, diverse
Aqua Aura - stimulates Throat Chakra, express emotions in a positive way
Aquamarine - aids the liver, throat, stomach, jaw, teeth, eyes, ears, fear, calms nerves, brings mental clarity
Aragonite - stabilizing stone, ground energy, connection with the earth
Arfvedsonite “Dream Stone”- powerful intuition
Astrophyllite “Power Stone” - access inner knowledge deep within oneself
Atlantasite - environment cleanser
Aventurine - powerful general healer, balances the intellect, emotions, physical being, quells anxiety, decisionmaking, shields outside energy drain
Axinite “Truth Stone”- reveal inner truth, avoid power struggles & conflict
Azurite - strong transformation power, intensifies energy
Bloodstone - remove energy blocks 
Bronzite“Protection Stone” - grounds & balances, self confidence, courtesy
Cacoxenite - connection to the divine
Calcite - emotional intelligence: variations below 
•  Blue - healer, calm, improve memory
•  Clear - powerful amplifier, energy cleanser
•  Green Draw - money, prosperity
•  Mangano - gentle forgiveness, love
•  Optical (Iceland Spar) - clear chakras
•  Orange - creativity, sexuality
Carnelian - stimulates love energy & joy clears negative energy, allowing light transformation, stabilize energy in home, awakens talents & creativity
Celestite (Celestine) - peace, help connect angelic realm, clairvoyant communication, dream recall, purity of heart, good fortune
Chalcedony (blue) - nurturer, brotherhood, goodwill
Chalcopyrite - perceptive abilities
Charoite - soul stone, grounds spiritual self, opens & balances crown chakra, courage
Chrysanthemum - luck, love, abundance, find true purpose & courage to pursue it
Chrysocolla - balance, harmony, relationships, self-improvement, eases emotions, vitality, endurance, mediation, visualization, reflective insights
Citrine - increased hearing, success, clear thinking, balances, energizes, dissipates negative energy, personal power, emotional awareness, creativity, optimism, abundance
Copper “Healing Metal”- visualization, understanding mysticism, depression,
Corundum - insight to the unknown, enhances intuitive, awareness, ambition, confidence, subdues emotions, release anger positivity, emotional peace
Covellite “Vision Stone”- connect physical reality with higher realms
Crystal - tranquility, patience, perseverance
Dioptase - powerful heart stone
Dolomite - balances, stabilizes, healing
Dumortierite - learning ability, enhances psychic vision
Elestial (orange) - higher levels of consciousness, enhanced energy, attune to the angelic realm, mediation stone
Emerald - love, stone of the goddess Venus
Epidote - increases ability to attract anything you desire
Eudialyte - life force and love force
Fluorite "Genius Stone" - find truth, eases change, stabilizes energy, order to chaos, relationships, increases concentration, decision-making
Fossil - growth, the achievement of goals, openness to novel & innovative opportunities, increase business accomplishments
Fuchsite - inspiration, problem solving, intuition, links the intellect with the heart
Garnet “Stone of Health” - aids blood, energizes, revitalizes and balances energy, inspires love & devotion, clears negative energy & enhances personal power for success, successful business (3 stones in desk)
Gabbro -promote"dominion", relieve violence in temper and expression, connection to the higher self, hot flashes, cellular swelling and infections, disorders of the immune system, bruising, and sprains; provide purification within the body, to alleviate the effects of fevers, balance the alkalinity of the body; due to the magnetite content, it may be attracted to a magnet
Goldstone - energy, vitality
Hematite - blood stone, memory, concentration, focus, negativity, peace, inner happiness, attract love
Hemimorphite - empathy stone, improves relationships, telepathic booster
Herkimer Diamond - connect the astral plane with the earth plan
Howlite “Tranquility Stone” - enhances emotional expression, eliminates stress, rage & rudeness, encourages ambition, eliminates hesitation, memory of past lives
Hypersthene “Self Esteem Stone” - assists in overcoming shyness
Iolite “Journey & Vision Stone” - a path to inner self, clears Third Eye Chakra
Infinite “Healing Stone”- provides a nurturing energy from the Base Chakra to the Heart Chakra
Jade “Fidelity Stone”- love, virtue, balances energies between self/partner, peace, harmony, soothes energy, wisdom for problem solving
Jadeite Magic Stone”- protection from the spiritual realm, group cohesiveness, understanding & actualization of purpose, grounding, accessing limitless resources
Jasper (all) Supreme Nurturer- free from limiting bonds, joy & light, balance, unite the energy of the physical with the spiritual toward the attainment of goals, boost energy, protection from negativity: variations below
• Bird's Eye -sacred nature connectionFancy - gentleness , relaxation, serenity
• Crocodile Jasper (kambamba) -soothe the nerves and state of mind
• Leopard Skin - enhances personal spiritual animal totem
• Ocean (sea,orbicular) - powerful stone lifts negativity
• Picasso - aids transformations,
• Picture “Global Awareness Stone” - proportion & harmony, protection from negativity, creative visualization, spiritual affinity between humanity & nature, business pursuits, grounding Polychrome - balancing, stability,
• Rainbow - ease emotional stress, relax
• Red - rectify unfair situations, remember previous leanings & to take responsibility, remember dreams, protection from night hazards, very lucky for actors
• Shell - balance, grounding, protection
• Tiger - protection, stability, grounding
• Yellow - channels positive energy, protection during travel
• Zebra - compassion, understanding, fully appreciate blessings
• Jet - protects, purifies, neutralizes negative energy, used in magic to channel earth elements
Kunzit - good fortune, strong relaxation
Kyanite - strong energy conduit, tranquility or meditation stone
Labradorite - protects & clear aura, understand chosen destiny, protect, free from energy leaks, originality, reveals truth behind illusions, strengthen intuition & psychic abilities
Lapis “Protection & Enlightenment Stone" - insomnia, depression, truthfulness, creativity, spiritual growth, intuitive perception, supports clarity, organize activities, serenity, acceptance, dreams, one of the most powerful stones
Larimar Dolphin/Atlantis Stone” - awakens feminine power, soothes the emotions, powerful healing stone
Leopardite - acceptanceLepidolite “Peace Stone” - restful sleep,good luck, reconcile love
Lodalite - transformation on many levels, a journeying crystal
Malachite Stone of Transformation”- assists with setbacks, challenges, release negative emotions, intuit answers, loyalty in love, friendships & partnerships, success in business, reunite with lover after a quarrel
Merliinite “Stone of Magic”- storm element, communicate with spirits, learn magic, develop past life recall
Moldavite - ancient meteorite, accelerate one's spiritual path
Mookaite - strength, assists decision making
Moonstone“Stone of Changes & Wishes” - clear obstacles, wellbeing, awareness of body rhythms, balances body's natural energy
Moqui Ball “Shaman Stone” - harmony, balance, vibrational healing
Obsidian - block negativity: variations below
• Apache Tear - depression, stone of soft hearted and gentle people
• Gold Sheen - clear negative energies, purifying one's auric field
• Mahogany - grounds, protects, gives new life to goals and purposes
• Rainbow - meditation, dissolve shock, fear or barriers
• Snowflake - draws hidden imbalances to surface& releases them
Onyx - spiritual inspiration, control over emotions, root chakra: variations below
•  Black - protection, invisibility, release negative emotions
Opal - boost creativity, encourage you to express yourself, absorb and reflect negative energy, protective stone: variations below
• Black - lead one into a higher spiritual experience, use to balance all chakras
• Blue - soothe erratic emotions, enhance personal courage
• Fire - stimulates enthusiasm, attracts money or customers to your business
• Girasol - energy, visualization, imagination, lucid dreaming, and channeling, communication skills, creativity, joy, happiness
• Pink - heal emotions, heart chakra
• White - emotional clearing stone, balances all chakras
• Yellow - amplifies positive emotions, balances crown chakra
Opalite - man made stone, stabilizes mood swings
Pearl - calms, purity, charity, integrity, truth, loyalty in its wearer
Peridot “Stone of Rebirth & Renewal”- peace, happiness, success, good luck, nightmares, slows aging, prosperity, heal damaged relationships, comfort, vitality, stone of lightness & beauty, lessen anger & jealousy
Petalite - vision stone, uplifts, calms
Petrified Wood - removes obstacles
Phenacite - activates third eye, inner vision, powerful prosperity stone
Pietersite “Stone of Vision” - keys to the kingdom of heaven
Prasiolite - spiritual ideals in every day lifePrehnite - unconditional love, divineenergies
Pyrite - powerful energy shield to block negativity
Quantum Quattro Silica - rare, aligns all the chakras
Quartz - empowers, protects, amplifys, regulates, stores & focuses energy, facilitates growth & awareness, alleviates anger, opens the spirit for meditation & spiritual development: variations below
• Blue - calm, tranquility
• Fire (Hemathoid) - amplification properties of quartz with the balance and stability of Hematite
• Girasol - calm, relaxed, hopeful, optimistic
• Lemon - prosperity, creativityLithium -brings harmony to relationships, awakens higher self
• Rose “Love Stone” - soothes, comforts & reassures, bringing about deep inner healing, removes negativity, attracts energy of love to help relationships
• Rutilated - illuminator of the soul
• Smoky "Stone of Endurance”- extra boost, carry a smokey quartz
• Strawberry - deep loving stone to balance & nurture one's intentions
• Tourmalated - super lucky, luck is so strong best kept in a safe place, rub stone when powerful luck is needed
Rhodonite “Stone of Love” - care for humanity, spiritual wellbeing, order to chaos, supportive emotionally, balances and eases anxiety through clear vision, vibrates with love, hold for relaxation & well-being
Rhodochrosite - stimulates warm feelings of love & compassion
Ruby - aids emotions, increase integrity, devotion, and happiness, some believe the most powerful stone in the universe
Sapphire “Stone of Destiny”- creative expression, inner peace, meditation, alleviation of pain, financial reward, mental clarity, heightened perception
Sardonyx - strength, protection, stability to marriage & partnerships
Scolecite “Serenity Stone”- enhances lucid dreams, connects lovers
Selenite - angelic guidance, protected safe environment
Septarian “Healing Stone” - health, well being, calming, joy, spiritual uplifting
Serpentine - protects against poisonous elements, meditation
Seraphinite - high vibration regeneration healing, angelic connections
Shiva Lingam - sacred stepping stone to enlightenment
Shungite - protection from radiation, healing, rejuvenation
Sodalite - unites logic & intuition, enhances mediation & inner wisdom, group work, calms the mind, eliminates confusion, supports increased efficiency & organization, resolve issues with logic, brings inner peace, lucky for writers
Stibnite - transformation, great power, wealth
Stichtite - Kundalini stone, resurgence
Stilbite - heart stone, expand self, strong love, joy vibrations
Sugilite - love, wisdom
Sulphur - contains an electrical charge that absorbs negativity of any kind
Sunstone - protection stone, increases power of personal attraction
Tangerine Aura “Creativity Stone” - boost confidence & creative energy
Tanzanite - activates several chakras from the heart to the crown and is used to link mind with heart
Tektite - opens and clears the lower chakras, expand psychic attainment
Tiger's Eye (cat's eye) - gain insight, concentrate, calms turmoil, eliminates the "blues" & encourages optimism & enthusiasm for life, stimulates wealth & enhances, wealth, good luck, protection
Topaz - balance emotions, healing, love, power energies, combine with tiger eye for wealth & money: variations below
• Blue - attain clarity in communicate, manifest desires, lifts burdens & see vision of life as a whole, attracts abundance & love, relieves tension
• Silver (clear, white) - purifies emotions & actions, clears stagnant energy
Tourmaline - variations below
• Black (schorl) - rub for luck & happiness, when rubbed becomes charged with magnetic electricity & luck intensifies
• Brown (dravite) - self acceptance, grounding connection to earth
• Green - draws money, revitalizes joy
• Pink - ultimate heart chakra crystal, ability to surrender to love
• Watermelon- love magnet, powerful healer
Turquoise "Anti-Negativity Stone" - heal, balance, protect, self-realization, creative problem solving, strengthens body & energy field, attracts love, peace, symbol of friendship
Ulexite “Stone of Clairvoyance”- imagination, creativity
Unakite - being in the present, release of limiting blocks & conditions to personal growth, balances emotions,strengthens spiritual connection, lift your spirits, see beauty in life, uncover deception
Variscite - stabilizes love, power, balance many aspects life
Vesuvianite - energetic, aligns will with the heart, brings wholeness and integrity
Zoisite - individuality, creativity, uniqueness, connectedness with humanity, healer, energizer of the life force,dispel laziness & idleness, health