American Hobo Symbols Mod & Chalk - 2 Picture Fonts - digital download, no shipping fees

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American Hobo Symbols Mod & Chalk 

96 Symbols in an easy to use font for Mac or Windows. Comes with a pdf catalog of all the symbols and their meanings. CD has both True Type and Open type formats. Because this is software it is non-returnable. Perfect for tattoo design, textile designs, projects, jewelry patterns etc.

This is a zip file, with three files in the folder, TrueType, OpenType and a pdf of all the symbols with their meanings and keystroke. Install like any other font on Mac or Windows....or available on CD...see our other listing for the CD

This download contains both Mod and Chalk 10 dollar discount bundle price: Mod (clean, crisp, graphic lines) and Chalk (rough, drawn, slightly distorted lines and shapes).

Fonts remain SymbolMinded copyright. You are permitted to use them for your own creations but you are not allowed to distribute them, sell them or allow other people to copy them. These have been illustrated and research by SymbolMinded a division of Satuit Trading Co.

About this font family
During the period of the Great American Depression, “hobos” created a system of symbols to communicate and assist fellow travelers. These symbols would mark a home, farm, fence or other structure to indicate what to expect in the area. They would tip off travelers on how to find food, stay safe and what to avoid and more. In some areas of the USA, these symbols are still visible and have also become part of the American popular culture.

These 96 symbols are accompanied by the what the symbol was used to indicate. The meanings and symbols are by no means the complete list andther may be additional or alternative meanings. These are for casual use and not historical or anthropologically completely accurate.

Design & Copyright: Marie Flaherty 2012/ SymbolMinded®