Mini Retablo from Peru - Couple in Love / Amor


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• Size: approx 2 1/8" wide (closed) 4 1/4" wide (open doors) x 2 1/4" high x 7/8" deep
• Materials: plaster, cooked potato starch, balsa wood, paint
• Origin: Handmade in Peru
• Packaging: Story Card and Kraft Gift Box

Retablos are wooden boxes filled with brightly colored figures arranged into intricate narrative scenes important to the indigenous people of the highlands of Peru. The term retablo is derived from the Latin retro tabula, which means behind the (altar) table, where devotional images were typically placed. Peruvian retablos evolved from religious and devotional images to also include scenes from daily life such as markets, shops, harvests, weddings, social political and other events.