Prosperity Hen for Prosperity and Good Luck - Large Single Hen with Bell, Handmade from India

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Prosperity Hens Invite Abundance and Good Luck
As their name suggest and belief has it, hens bring prosperity and good luck when hung in a doorway or window. These traditional art pieces have been a symbol in Indian homes for generation. These prosperity hens are hand stitched, stuffed, beaded and strung together by women artisans in small village in Northern india.

• Size: Strand approx. 9" Long, 1 Hen approx. 3.5" wide x 2" High, bell approx 1" wide x 1.25" high
• Material: Fabric, Beads, Sequins, Metal Bells
• Color: Vary and we will select a wonderful surprise color
• Variation: Each Will Vary Due to the Handmade Nature
• Origin: India
• Packaged: Kraft Box and Story card

Color Requests: if you put in the order a general color (blue red, etc) we might be able to send one close to a color requested