Zulu Telephone Wire Basket 2 - 16" Large Shallow Plate/Bowl, Handmade Fair Trade from South Africa


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Explore the intricate beauty of Zulu telephone wire baskets, adorned with mesmerizing spirals that captivate the eye. Each basket is meticulously crafted with skillful precision, showcasing the artistry and cultural heritage of the Zulu people. Adorn your space with these unique creations, where every spiral tells a story of tradition and craftsmanship.

• Materials: Recycled Telephone Wire

• Size: Approx. 16" Circle  x 3.25" Deep
• Colors: Brown, Deep Green, Teall Blue, Light lime Green, Silver, Copper
• Origin: South Africa
• Care: Gently Wash with Soap and Water
• Variation: You will receive the exact basket in the photo
• Demo Photos: Unfinished Weaving Technique Display Shown Not Included
• Packaging: Includes Story Card