San Miguel / Archangel Michael Wood Painted Batea 2, Handmade Fair Trade from Mexico


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San Miguel / Archangel Michael  - Patron Saint of Police, Soldiers, Grocers, Radiologists, and Children
Recognized in several religions, San Miguel deafeated Lucifer and hurled the angel into Hell. He spread to Moses in the burning bus, talked to Abraham, and inspired Joan of Arc. He carries a scale so he can determine where a soul should go upon death. Also, known as the great protector.

Hand-painted Batea: Bateas are hand-carved wooden "trough" bowls typically used throughout Mexico, South and Central America to knead dough and mix masa for tortillas

• Size: approx. 5.5" Wide x 11.75" High x 1.25" Deep
• Main Colors: Black, Gold Yellow, Tan, Blue, Brown, Gray, Ochre Yellow, Muted Red

• Material: Wood, Paint, Metal Hook for Hanging
• Origin: Mexico
• Antique Style: Rough Cut Wood, Stylized Painting, Imperfections Due to the Handmade Nature

• Variation: You Will Receive This Exact One
• Packaging: Wrapped in Tissue and Hang Tag Story Card