Vintage Chachal Necklace with Animal Milagros, from Guatemala

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• Size: Neck Length 28" to Center, Fits Over Head - No Clasp, Pendant Drop Adds 4 1/5" from Top to Bottom of Charms, Center Pendant Area Approx. 2 1/4 " Wide x 4 1/2" High 
• Origin: Guatemala
• Age: Unknown, Natural Green Patina Showing Some Age
• Colors: Red, Gray Silver
• Material: Glass Beads, Mixed Metal 
• Packaging: Story Card & Gift Box Included

The word “Chachal” in Quiche language means necklace.  These beautiful objects have a fascinating tale of history, culture, art, and economics that begins during the Pre Columbian period hundreds-thousands of years ago and continues to the present where they still worn by many Mayan populations.  Like many aspects of Guatemalan culture, the chachales are a blend of ancient native elements with the influence of the European conquerors. 


Free Shipping:
On All Orders Totaling $100. or More