Vintage Man Exvoto from Greece - Well-being, Protection, Treasured Father, Beloved Husband, Cherished Son, Best Friend Brother


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The vintage woman exvoto from Greece, revered for generations, symbolizes prayers and blessings for the well-being and protection of a beloved boy, be it a cherished son, nephew, or grandchild. When purchasing a vintage metal piece, expect to find discoloration, pits, and signs of wear, typical of its age, which only enhance its authenticity and character. Note age marks on left side and left bottom. The front is embossed (raised), while the back is recessed.

Well-being • Protection • Treasured Father • Beloved Husband • Cherished Son • Best Friend Brother

• Size: 1.75 wide x 4.175" high x .375" deep
• Color: Aged Silver
• Materials: Mixed Metal, New Ribbon
• Origin: Greece
• Condition: Vintage condition, marks & discoloration typical of its age and use
• Packaging: Story Card and Jewelry Box

Exvotos, are tangible expressions of faith, intricately intertwine belief and tradition across Europe and the Americas. Originating in Europe, particularly prevalent in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece and France, Exvotos initially took the form of larger plaques. These votive offerings, crafted from metals like bronze or silver, symbolized gratitude or devotion to saints or deities, often depicting the healed body part or resolved situation. The term "Exvoto," derived from Latin meaning "from the vow," encapsulates the solemn promise fulfilled through these offerings.